A Boudoir Party 2nd Edition Now Available

A Boudoir Party 2nd Edition is now up on Amazon.

Below is an excerpt.

The clients are friends of friends—acquaintances really—I barely hung with a few times, but seemed nice in that suburban-soccer-mom-kind-of-way. They give me $150 each—the friend rate—while they get to hang out all day drinking, getting their hair and makeup done (sold separately), trying on lingerie and jewelry, gossiping, and dancing around in their underwear—and sometimes even naked—while I take their photos. It’s supposed to be a fun girl party, artistic and liberating. Occasionally, a friend of mine supplies jewelry and a model pal helps out as the stylist. There are usually about seven to ten women. I’ve shot a half dozen of these parties, most strictly private and confidential sitting in my port gathering dust; photos never to be seen nor shown to anyone but the clients and their partners and props to point to during the occasional girly get together. They rarely buy prints or products except the digital files and the fun crazy videos I put together with music, which always gets laughs and compliments.

The job is an all-day on-your-feet marathon that normally starts early and lasts twelve to fourteen hours into the night. Exhausting work for this ambivert, especially so if the clients are high maintenance or a group of mean girls that condescend. Fun nonetheless, but by the end of the day, we are all sick of each other and want nothing more than to go home, take a long hot shower removing all the gunk and glitter from our faces and bodies and crawl into bed.

I regularly end up with anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 photos and about an hour’s worth of video that takes me about two to four weeks of fourteen-hour days of continuous on-my-ass editing to cull and complete.

So much fun. Or not.

By the end, I’m tired of seeing their faces, tits, and asses float across my screen.

A Boudoir Party 2nd Edition is now up on Amazon.

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