Serial Fiction

Recalibrate – Chapter Three – Runaway

Chapter Three – Runaway Wrapped in the bowels of summer heat and humidity, that day in 1984 started like any other in the armpit of the West Virginia mountains. Jay remembered it vividly like it was just this morning—because it was. “This looks like shit-covered maggots,” she told Cody. Adding a gob of butter, she took a big bite of the chocolate rice he made for breakfast. “I heard that,” Aunt yelled from the next room then told Jay to […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Two – Back In Black

Chapter Two – Back in Black Several minutes went by before the pain and pleasure abated and Jay focused. On all fours, naked, wet, reeking of the polluted mud and creek, she looked into their eyes. She saw hardness and hate, grief, anger, and exhaustion—and years of struggle from a war no one wanted. Some did; she wasn’t one of them. They did what they had to to do in order to survive—to be free. She rose to her feet, […]

Recalibrate – Chapter One – New Moon on Monday

Chapter One – New Moon on Monday Duran Duran’s New Moon on Monday played from the black boom box creekside. The beat echoed around the short banks of the large swimming hole. Heads back, fingers skipped over the water like gulls’ feet. The six teens floated on tubes in silence listening to the tunes. The brief occasional exchanges between them went silent when the surroundings began to alter. Isolated above them, the sun disappeared into an ashen ink blot in […]

Recalibrate – Potent and Worn

Potent and Worn Peyton Marlow fresh and new come again, this war i climbed i surfaced yet another encore potent and worn this body, this whore it mends it breaks in this, we’re born flay the skin them, the saboteurs they reek they pale and live no more fade and decay true pain, be schooled he screams he cries packs be ruled flesh of men plague, we chew who bows who breaks sisters, cleave through silence of exits release, to […]

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