Poetry: Arg-reeably Single!

Arg! I must sayDo I want to give it away?A slave no more I have becomeBeing an excessive Miss Independent is so much funTo come and go as I pleaseNo bitching motor-mouth hard nose to appeaseI can stay up as late as I wantNo tyrannical ‘daddy’ is waiting to haunt Eating whenever and whatever I canNot listening to anyone gripe “God! You eat like a man!”The subject of cleaning has always been an issueFuck it! I ain’t cryin’ over it […]

Poetry: Fate

To each mine eyesThe sensation liesAs time draws nearLoathe to appear For want does theeAmongst the freeAnd fate does showFor which to know What may be shownFor fear aloneEach we braveThe love to crave For what is notIs but an afterthoughtAnd for want of fewOne must never undo. By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash Me | Venmo

Poetry: Happy Mother’s Day

Inspired by this and this. 😈 Lest I forget this, since this poem was written in 2017. i ate my soni felt his gauzy bones bendand crumble beneath my teethas I chomped and fedthe murmured musclesthreaded betwixt my teethand I grasp the collapsein the tang and hotnessas his skin slides downmy elongated gullet i ate my sonthe baneful twist and mirespirals thru my algid bloodlike dark matterand lacerates my corelike acid i ate my sonto fill a needan artifice agentthe […]

Poetry: Sadness

My mind is open to sadnessFor past and future eventsThe reality is likely to cause madnessTo which I will not present To each I cannot controlThe means to be seen in such a negative lightThat hurts and destroys my soulAnd ceases me to be forthright For those that struggle like meWhose heart thirsts for love and understandingI so empathize to an enormous degreeAnd pray there is no crash landing I want only to live in happinessTo love, be loved and […]

Poetry: Solo In Need

A tug of warA constant doubtIs less more?Isn’t that what it’s all about? Alone in a cornerHungry and coldA wish to be warmerFor someone to hold Happiness to craveA want to beA bit more braveAnd not in captivity Success a thoughtUntil then to liveConstantly foughtHungrily competitive. By Alex Shea/Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Alex Shea/Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash Me | Venmo

Book Review: Salt by Nayyirah Waheed (Poetry)

Last month, I found some of my old poetry from the early 2000’s and started posting it here on this site. This poetry was written at an illusive indecisive moment for me. It was mostly an outlet for larger issues—therapy writing, if you will. All of it bad—really bad; some so bad, I’ll probably never post. I was crawling my way through clinical depression at the time and trying to shape an identity I had long found slippery. I looked […]

Poetry: Birthday Thanks

To celebrate my 50th birthday last week, here is a poem I wrote to friends & fam on my 33rd. Apologies to allFor not returning your callAnd thanks for the birthday wishesI was in the midst of doing dishesI turned off my phonePerhaps to be aloneNot really – Went off to peeNo – not under a treeHit end ‘cuz I just knewThat it would ring while I was in the looThen I’ll simply have to admitThat I almost didn’t make […]

Poetry: Death of my Father

The death of my fatherWas shocking to someBut it seemed like a botherTo someone so young Death happens for a reasonThis so I’m toldThe answer could be treasonUntil you get old An acceptance from meIn the form of this rhymeAn attempt to seeTook quite a long time To release such painIn an attempt to growAn unfettered tapped veinAn effortless flow A father that was boldAnd brilliant to the coreThe stories retoldTo make sound like folk lore One problem remainedWas the […]

Poetry: The Simple Life

What I want is a simple life for meBut love and happiness is never a life guarantee A child of passion I can honestly sayThat the path of my soul was to dream all day I was jubilant, cheerful, high-spirited and carefreeBut the one thing above all else was my unwavering curiosity Over the course of my life I’ve suffered someBut regardless of that I was to resiliently overcome To grow as a person and hopefully becomeA wonderful kind hearted […]

Poetry: Temped Trot

Love is not but a temped trotUntil you fall on your face and rotThose who tend to get up againHave surely yet to mendFor they start with that trotAnd think certainly notTo think they will have a pick from that potThen the one they want is not the one they caughtThe story then goesTheir happiness in woesThey step on each other’s toesIn the end, they reap what they sews. By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash […]

Poetry: For Me

The RomanceThe LoveTo take a chanceOf which I’ve dreamed of The InspirationThe written wordThe Exquisite sensationOf which I’m not deterred The tearsThe hopeThe prayersThe need to cope All in my heartThis adoration is trueI’ll conceive the artFor you and only you By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash Me | Venmo

Poetry: Iraq 2003

Written in 2003. Dedicated to the Iraqi people—their resilience and endurance—with apologies from those of us who fought like hell against this illegal unjust war; to everyone that lost their lives; and to the soldiers on all sides forced to swallow this farce. Fuck George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & all the other war-mongering neocon orchestrators that started this entire ugly spiral—you bastards own it and should be prosecuted for war crimes. All the blood is on your […]

Poetry: Tired

I’m tired of living for othersI’m tired of standing aloneI’m tired of going through yet anotherI’m tired of trying to atone I’m tired of not having controlI’m tired of being discouragedI’m tired of giving heart and soulI’m tired of inadequate courage I’m annoyed by misinterpretationsI’m fatigued from the mental distressI’m pooped from the bad situationsI’m burned out by loss and emptiness I wish it would all changeI wish it would all go awaySo I won’t become mentally derangedAnd live up […]

Poetry: Yet I Roam

Sleek and nakedYet I roamTo seek the heartOf that one unknown Sensuous and sereneThe mouth does tasteThe sweet unseenTo summon in haste Soft and warmAmidst my touchSilence to formTo share as such Subtle and strokeTo soothe your soulTo submit, To provokeSurrender is the goal. By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash Me | Venmo

Poetry: Presence

Deep pools of chocolate brownSoft waves the essence soundTender touch the gentle covesWarm roves the treasure troves Serene scent of tranquil peaceDelights seek the anxious releaseAwaiting sparks the desperate pleasImagination with expertise The opaque wake of ominous shellsNorthern stakes the ancients spellsShimmer shows the irony flowsMassive courage the enemy slows Amazing dreams that can be touchedGifted hands that are unclutchedWicked woes that nobody knowsStaggering stars that glows and glows. By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash […]

Poetry: A Monster In Darkness

a monster in darknessunashamed in lightsimmered and lingeredunapologetic in fight endured and survivedsuffering untreatedangry and lostan exception undefeated whispered and witheredtaming the wildnessgraced by devotionbrooding in blindness a love exposedan emotion rarea soul ravagedcourage stripped bare rising thru the ashespenetrating the throesascending thru shadowsbenign hope arose By Alex Shea/Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2013 Alex Shea/Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.PayPal Me | Cash Me | Venmo

Poetry: The Hanged Man

The Empress seeks the Hanged ManTo save him from the doomed and damned He cannot move, He cannot touchFor his fear to love is far too much His weakness comes from lack of trustHis life unfair, His blame unjust She wants to hold, comfort and careAnd help him see that love is fair He holds doubt hostage, His happiness fakeFor far inside him is such heartache Can the Empress free the Hanged ManJust take her love, Take her hand By […]

Poetry: The Sea of Solitude

All alone and totally freeI stand and stare out at the seaThe softness of sand between my toesThe just-right breeze that tickles my nose The feeling of the sun as it covers my faceThe sand giving way in a never-ending chaseThe rush of the water as it touches my feetThe coolness it supplies me in release of the heat I raise my arms and smile at the skyIn jubilation of times gone byOf many a many a wonderful memoryThe sea […]

Recalibrate – Potent and Worn

Potent and WornPeyton Marlow fresh and newcome again, this wari climbedi surfacedyet another encore potent and wornthis body, this whoreit mendsit breaksin this, we’re born flay the skinthem, the saboteursthey reekthey paleand live no more fade and decaytrue pain, be schooledhe screamshe criespacks be ruled flesh of menplague, we chewwho bowswho breakssisters, cleave through silence of exitsrelease, to cravethat gracethat guilecurse the behave in this we chargeand armed, we riseeach, we achieveeach, we conquerdaughters, we comprise By Pamela MullinsCopyright © […]

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