She-Bear Thus Accosted—Book One

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Ten – Nuance

Chapter Ten Mercedes de Acosta—a very out and about lesbian writer born at the turn of the 20th century, noted for many of her relationships, all adventures, glamorous and passionate—died in poverty asking for her love Greta Garbo who, rumor has it, denied de Acosta even that. Garbo—the introverted movie star described in such belittling terms as recluse—brainwashed into believing her relationships with de Acosta bad luck, erased all references to the romance from her history, leaving the public to […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Nine – Shameless

Chapter Nine Prior to this weekend, neither Lucretia nor Layne rarely engaged in any type of similar melodrama. Both led somewhat mundane lives for the past decade in regards to adventures romantic or otherwise. They purposely avoided any type of sentimental incidents with anyone other than each other; Lucretia for practical reasons of being too busy and Layne for what she described as self-preservation. The fact that both, this very evening, found themselves entangled in such was most unusual. “I […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Eight – Caramel Apple

Chapter Eight Porcia Catonis—philosopher and notably known, as historical texts customarily stated unenthusiastically, as a political pawn of men during the Roman era—reportedly committed suicide by swallowing hot coals once she learned of her husband’s death. Historians—mostly men, of course—found that implausible probably believing women could never do something as abhorrent and painful, so unmaternal-like, insisting instead that she asphyxiated herself by carbon monoxide poisoning, alas, still, because she couldn’t live without her husband. Porcia was the second wife of […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Seven – Kindness

Chapter Seven Brody explored sex with less than a dozen people in the forty-three years he resided on this planet; fewer that even. He wasn’t much for socializing sexually. He preferred a more solitary and cerebral existence and imaginative means of carnal pleasures considering the other as a form of escapism—like the rare vacation or holiday. That didn’t mean he was inexperienced in the realm of pleasure. He studied tantric sex with an accomplished mistress and master and met expectations, […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Six – Puzzles

Chapter Six Layne needed to breathe. That breath bounced erratic in response to whatever it was that Brody Blake did to her nerves. Of the many things that Brody Blake brought into life, alliteration framed them all. On this, you need suffer, reader. Layne acknowledged early in life that her predilection for adventure would garner her many pleasures, and many more complications; neither of those mutually exclusive. She ultimately decided that she’d rather regret the things she did and not […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Five – Tea

Chapter Five Brody normally found these gatherings unremarkable and unpleasant—an aristocratic menagerie peddled and worn like loose change. Like most of these affairs, people paraded around masquerading in their pretense outwardly dim and stunted. Some even overtly flaunting it like an adjudication. This circle was an overwrought node; everyone infected. He learned long ago to view them as a novel or film he was required to review; its actual production process so entirely degraded that the eventual product stood empty […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Four – Lollipop

Chapter Four High ceilings and chandeliers baroque with light lackluster and forlorn; glitter and gowns and suits gaudy and grotesquely fitted around egos and bank accounts swollen and foul; the tinkling of glasses; a din of voices fixed and base; the droll of conversations overheard, none interesting or clever; money, old and white, loomed and festered; legacies lived in infamy; sadly, none virtuous. All swam about her like piranha. Except Lucretia. Lucretia was a shark, elegant and sleek devouring with […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Three – Taffy

Chapter Three He realized early on he was giving away the game when he approached her as he did, but he needed to. She was…a diversion. And, an assignment. Wasn’t she? The case—assigned to him as an afterthought, forgotten in the mix of all things tempestuous—was another in a collection of oddities happening presently. It captivated and consumed him. All the evidence fragmentary and muddled purposely to obscure a larger mystery. He spent too many days, months…was it a year […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Two – Siren

Chapter Two “I know who you are. I know what you do.” Her eyes—hidden behind mirrored sunglasses—featured him prominently. He removed his hoping she would do the same. She did not. He wanted to see those eyes. An emotion tickled her lips taunting him. She sat there, saying nothing, staring at him. After a lengthy minute, she spoke. “Catherine the Great told her advisers that she needed energetic young men in the imperial bed for the good of her health […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter One – Cotton Candy

Chapter One She tasted him falling in love with her—felt it on her lips like blood. It was hot in the air—like coffee at a coffee shop, sea-salt on the wind, cotton candy at a carnival. She smelled his want and tasted his need in her bones. Through every nerve ending, shattered and uninterrupted, shards marched like soldiers towards her heart, like butterflies fluttering on the flurry of all those feelings—of a sense—of all senses. Layne could feel it in […]

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