Book Review: Salt by Nayyirah Waheed (Poetry)

Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

Last month, I found some of my old poetry from the early 2000’s and started posting it here on this site. This poetry was written at an illusive indecisive moment for me. It was mostly an outlet for larger issues—therapy writing, if you will. All of it bad—really bad; some so bad, I’ll probably never post. I was crawling my way through clinical depression at the time and trying to shape an identity I had long found slippery. I looked outward to others for that identity instead of inward to myself.

Regardless, I have never been one of those people gifted with a skill. I’ve had to practice ad nauseam, and my writing is all still mostly inadequate to me. I like writing rhymed poems and if y’all enjoy it, so be it. If not, I recommend others—all worthy of your time.

Nayyirah Waheed is one such writer worthy of your time.

Nayyirah is an extraordinary writer. Powerful journeys through mirrors and windows—tiny steps into odysseys rendered epic by drops of wisdom. Fleeting yet daunting. Immortal, sincere, radiating in insight, every verse weighs heavily long after.

Nejma is her followup. I recommend buying both in digital and book format. I look forward to her future work and thank her for sharing her extraordinary talent.

She asked
‘you are in love
What does love look like’
to which I replied
‘like everything I’ve ever lost
come back to me.’

listen to my poems
but do not look for me
look for you.

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