Poetry: Arg-reeably Single!

Arg! I must say
Do I want to give it away?
A slave no more I have become
Being an excessive Miss Independent is so much fun
To come and go as I please
No bitching motor-mouth hard nose to appease
I can stay up as late as I want
No tyrannical ‘daddy’ is waiting to haunt

Eating whenever and whatever I can
Not listening to anyone gripe “God! You eat like a man!”
The subject of cleaning has always been an issue
Fuck it! I ain’t cryin’ over it – give HIM the tissue!

“Need money”, “Feed me” is all I heard
Man! The continued whining was like a freakin’ mocking bird!
The rigid standards I was told to live up too
Now I’m totally myself regardless of all ‘yous’

Complaints, complaints and more and more
Never again will I allow anyone that door
Being single is fine and dandy
But the ‘no sex’ is a hundred times worse than having no candy!

By Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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