Poetry: 2020

dappled grays and shades ablaze
peppered petals of red overlayed
wounded warriors fenced in blood
dire days that glory in no-good

collapse thine heart, ream thy brain
shallow haunt, hate—a stain
slay and sparing, I weap, I warn
Frail and fraught and base inborn

lack of means and weight of due
they come undone and forced anew
heft that burden, thy dream tis done
it shall not want, waver nor overcome

defile and dishonor, thy people, thy land
curse the state, deny and disband
dismal deceit and dreadful gloom
to gloat and preen, revel in doom

they sit in guile, a dirty pool
of hypocrisy and falsehood, so blunt, so cruel
ugliness worn and turpitude glossed
the arms of power demand high cost

command the cowards and reject the rot
the wealth—it reeks, it mars, bane and bought
purge the poisons and render the rope
amass the justice and deliver some hope

By Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2020 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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