Poetry: Justice Seeks

justice seeks the higher reach
damage undone and ethics teach
voices amassed, silence begone
when the blanket of truths becomes unknown

concessions are given by the guilty and the privileged
in order to doom, withhold and to pillage
fairness dwindles and abuse arrives
moral decay and liberty declines

religious fanaticism and moral corruption
go hand and hand towards egalitarian obstruction
prejudice tilts the balance of power
in order for wickedness to grow by the hour

avarice and depravity tends to flourish
when the bonds of legitmacy becomes malnourished
cruelty reigns and dogmatism prospers
when leaders enable and mutate into monsters

citizens beware, all is not lost
for networks of freedom to reclaim and exhaust
the values of democracy and rights embossed
in that ever-growing document we hold aloft

truths to uphold, nourish and address
the paths to expansion, good health and progress
in order to restore and to implement success
we must rescue and recover and reclaim and outguess
from the ones in authority that seek to oppress

By Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2020 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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