Poetry: Deviousness

I was warned but I did not heed
The deviousness and treachery and bite of thee
You struck when I wasn’t observing
And smirked in delightful glee

The cackle and shrill of your laughter
Fearfully haunts me to this day
The look in your eyes soon after
Was the source of my disarrays

Inevitably and unfortunately you appeared again
More malicious injury you did inflict
Through your torturous and melodramatic campaign
The never-ending excruciating tumultuous conflict

So here we are to rehash and replay
This horrifyingly objectionable display
To some it is an amusing and enjoyable game
To me an unbearably aggravating abhorrent bloody shame.

By Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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