Book Review: Miracles by Judith McNaught

Miracles by Judith McNaught

I had no idea this book even existed. I was completely and utterly thrilled to find out one of my favorite characters was getting his own book and with such an interesting romantic equal. I purchased it without bothering to read reviews or noticing the page numbers.

I was so disappointed. It is clear that McNaught had an amazing story for Nicki and Julianna but couldn’t quite deliver? Perhaps she didn’t have the time? She does seem to focus solely on contemporary romance now and I’m definitely not maligning or criticizing and I applaud and thank her so much for what she has gifted us. I suspect that since readers were expecting Nicki du Ville to get his own story and happily ever after, publishers released what they had and what they had wasn’t a story but a summary—an idea. This was what it could’ve been—and that’s basically it.

It was like bad sex with a hot partner.

I was left so bereft, I started searching for Miracles fanfiction—I know, how silly of me, so please drop me a comment if you know of any! Until then, we are left with what could have been.


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