Poetry: actual and absolute and always thereof

In honor of this.

rusty nails and rabid monsters
dirty angels and bloody alters
god-like heroes that poke and bother
slick with sweat and rife with slaughter

thankless misery and veritable peens
hopeless dreams that dull and deem
vaults of lore lined and unclean
breaking hearts and spreading memes

lust and love, sex and more
wishes and notions and thoughts galore
sense and touch and weep and rein
privilege played, duped and waned

ever afters unsure and endings be damned
if phonies lack heart and cruelty withstands
an angelic crush and a human’s beloved
turned heaven and earth into actual and absolute and always thereof

By Matilda London/Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2020 Matilda London/Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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