Online Exclusive Serial Novella Series

Niko is a mushroom popping, universe jumping, future scientist with an attitude problem. Jay is her cyborg—kind of. Follow their travails. Part of The Mirror Series.

Trigger Warning—Rating Mature: Yes.

Serial Fiction

Recalibrate – Chapter Nine – Goodbye Is Forever

Chapter Nine – Goodbye is Forever Masturbation and sex were anathemas, especially when girls broached the topics. They could never talk freely about it with anyone without being condemned—censured to the point of living in ignorance; forever made to dwell in unawareness, stumbling around blindfolded from one room to another, hands outstretched, attempting to live […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Eight – Time After Time

Chapter Eight – Time After Time Jay started bleeding when she was eleven. She panicked as children ought do when they start bleeding from orifices. “It’s your period. It happens,” mom said, then gave her pads to stick in her panties. Information beyond that meager: “Don’t flush them down the toilet and don’t waste them […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Seven – Policy of Truth

Chapter Seven – Policy of Truth “This is not a Dawson’s Creek reunion,” Jay told them as they walked. The former tracks looped into a particularly severe crevice that climbed towards the sky like a tear in the mountain. Small sounds echoed and amplified within like a pyroclastic blast. They exited into more grayness and […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Six – The Song Remains the Same

Chapter Six – The Song Remains the Same They climbed the slippery bank to the now defunct railroad tracks and headed south. The steel from the tracks and spikes gone, torn up for scrap metal long ago before any war. The path dissimilar—doubled, tripled, cloned, and yet incomparable. Variables emerged; some noted—others banished to the […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Five – Controversy

Chapter Five – Controversy They argued. It was nothing serious, but still—they argued. Right before. Without exception—they always argued; it was some kind of teenage hillbilly ritual, these arguments. Something that seemed ridiculous and strange standing amongst the ruins now. Before though, at the swimming hole, Jay remembered debating about what to listen to next […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Four – Bad Reputation

Chapter Four – Bad Reputation Being the outsider—the city girl from Charleston—Jay had the fun toys, the funky music, the strange clothes, and the smart mouth. She spent the first twelve years of her life somewhat secluded deep in the hills thirty minutes outside of Charleston, three hours south of here. Still, she was considered […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Three – Runaway

Chapter Three – Runaway Wrapped in the bowels of summer heat and humidity, that day in 1984 started like any other in the armpit of the West Virginia mountains. Jay remembered it vividly like it was just this morning—because it was. “This looks like shit-covered maggots,” she told Cody. Adding a gob of butter, she […]

Recalibrate – Chapter Two – Back In Black

Chapter Two – Back in Black Several minutes went by before the pain and pleasure abated and Jay focused. On all fours, naked, wet, reeking of the polluted mud and creek, she looked into their eyes. She saw hardness and hate, grief, anger, and exhaustion—and years of struggle from a war no one wanted. Some […]

Recalibrate – Chapter One – New Moon on Monday

Chapter One – New Moon on Monday Duran Duran’s New Moon on Monday played from the black boom box creekside. The beat echoed around the short banks of the large swimming hole. Heads back, fingers skipped over the water like gulls’ feet. The six teens floated on tubes in silence listening to the tunes. The […]

Recalibrate – Potent and Worn

Potent and WornPeyton Marlow fresh and newcome again, this wari climbedi surfacedyet another encore potent and wornthis body, this whoreit mendsit breaksin this, we’re born flay the skinthem, the saboteursthey reekthey paleand live no more fade and decaytrue pain, be schooledhe screamshe criespacks be ruled flesh of menplague, we chewwho bowswho breakssisters, cleave through silence […]

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