Recalibrate – The Offset Accords

The Offset Accords
Niko Amalia Xeni Mwangi

I had a friend
She proved not meek
in light, I at once amend
and must bespeak

Wit and woke despite yours truly
beyond, above and even unruly
contend and favor and aid the rest
deception unborn and stratagem attest

In force and fail
our duties o’er pend
friendships need countervail
for kinships to transcend

Consider the pluck and decree the pressure
enlists indeed an alarming square measure
bring burden bear nought in replete firsthand
on equal and alike and unduly command

For I was not but a rudely chore
and furthered a fissure extreme and evermore
a freak, a quirk, a beat unknown
I could not concur, comply nor atone

Branded, booted and disavowed
for all those qualities am certainly endowed
A demigod, explorer, a scientist whatnot
in search of knowledge and truths untaught

The bounds of time I did not hold
free of limits—a mind uncontrolled
to probe and seek and search and test
unto those laterals I so hungrily obsessed

And here I am to your dismay
gracelessly adjudicating these many, many assays
to wit and were it beats and bares not
the means to amuse, benumbed, loaded and overwrought

The plights and plagues of your own demise
left no one the wiser, peaceful, nor surprised
the scourge of your bigotry illustrated and foretold
by yourself, your ancestors and their violent threshold

By Pamela Mullins
Copyright © 2021 Pamela Mullins. All Rights Reserved.
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