Bridgerton S2 Thoughts (update)

ADDENDUM—Here (below) is my short season two review (longer review here):

Since this became such a large thread, I unrolled it. The original thread is here. Apologies for the typos. I am mad disappointed. Addendum: I wrote more on it here. Here is the season one review.


I’ll hold my opinion till I watch it. That statement tends to make one believe that they caved to the intolerant prudes that value censorship & ignorance & otherwise infuriates me. With all the censorship happening, what a time to do such a thing. Ugh.

All due respect to Jane Austen, but I’m sick of hearing about that chick when there are thousands of other fantastic historical romantic authors.

What a disappointment & I was really looking forward to it. Now I’m dreading it.

*historical romance authors

“Any reviewer that faults…”

As if a generalized one-sentence statement like that isn’t just as bad. I take umbrage that all reviewers or romance readers need be generalized in such a limited view especially without context to the time we are living. It reeks of condescension.

The above tweet was not in reference to the article I referenced but a tweet floating around that has garnered lots of hits.

And I’m also wondering what level of cultural censorship arose given the female protagonists ethnicity?? Sigh.

Shakes Head GIF

“Bailey also revealed the minimal sex scenes would carry on for the next seasons.”

LOL whatever. What a total disappointment.

‘liberal Hollywood’ LOL.

Given the cultural & sociopolitical implications this will have, it’s prudent upon us to examine why these choices were in fact made & to what extent & why seeing as how women & their sexual desires & needs have consistently been labeled, censored, shamed & not tolerated.

To dismiss those choices as ‘not being the point of romance novels to begin with’ does not understand the urgent need & totality of the romance genre & its socio & cultural implications. I cannot stress this enough.

It is disturbing to me that a romance reader—a woman romance reader at that, would not understand this. A historical romance reader at that. The sex in that time of history during *this* time in history is very much important.

Thus this statement:

Imagine thinking that this is ‘not getting what I wanted’ instead of looking at the broader sociopolitical ramifications of these types of cultural choices, esp for women—in the weeks leading up to a Roe decision & what could be a more expansive suppression of women’s rights.

In the wake of all the censorship & laws of marginalized already on the books & being legislated currently.

I just cannot. Woo. 🤯

So apparently it was Netflix that wanted the show ‘toned down’ & the showrunner is now leaving? Did Netflix make the choice to censor if they wanted that South Asian market & couldn’t get it sans censorship?

Interesting how they are days away from the S2 premier & are just now releasing this info & prolly cuz of the leaks.

Infer what you will—I have.

I’ll likely be shamed & shunned for tweeting my criticisms by that very fandom, & especially by the people embracing the censorship of women’s sexual adventures—so be it. I don’t care. Fuck right off. I’m not rolling over on women’s rights most especially now.

Originally tweeted by Pamela G. Mullins (@IronyFlows) on March 22, 2022.

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