Pandemic Diary—Book Banning

Please pay attention to what is happening in the news and in politics locally, nationally, and internationally. It is so very important that you get involved and stay involved.

Here’s another piece from The Washington Post.

School book bans are soaring: Although the vast majority of challenges go unreported, the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom counted 330 incidents of book censorship in just the three months from September to November 2021 — marking the highest rate since the association began tracking the issue in 1990. The questioned texts have mostly been “books about LGBTQ people and race and racism,” according to the National Coalition Against Censorship, and many removals sprang from challenges launched by White, conservative parents spurred on by pundits.

Schools nationwide are quietly removing books from their libraries – The Washington Post

This leads me to Judge Jackson’s hearing. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or you watched any of the hearings, you already know the disgusting display of racism that the Republicans subjected Judge Jackson. Their hyper-emotional hysterics over child pornography was even more bogus given the congressional and other Republicans (including some high profile donors) that have been arrested, indicted, or imprisoned for it. It’s a straw man argument for their fascist constituents and it makes me believe they’ll likely go even further. This isn’t about children but something far more insidious and it won’t stop with children’s books.

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