The Mirror of Me

Online Serial Novel Exclusive

Past, present, and future intersect to synthesize an elaborate future civilization. Peyton—pulled from a past and a collapsing society into a Utopian future that appears ideal on the surface—relives all times concurrently; her past exploited for education and entertainment purposes; her present weaponized as a catalyst for change; her future unknown. Wynne and Lalita—born of an exalted culture of genius scientists—uncover flaws in their perfect world they wish to evaluate and maybe regulate if they can, at any cost, personal or societal; will something far worse hinder that goal. Willa and Alison navigate a present driven by climate change, where fascism and anarchy reign, while assimilating into a wealthy family—a family destined to shape the future and a civilization in the stars. Unless the monsters of the present destroy them first—or they become monsters themselves.

Trigger Warning—Rating Mature: Yes.

© 2011-2022 Pamela Gay Mullins

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