Pandemic Diary—Fascism

While I’m writing my next couple of chapters, I’ll drop a few lines about the current state of things. 

Fascism is in complete auto-mode currently given what is happening culturally and politically. The fascists have forsaken their humanity for power to inflict their amoral dogmas onto the public as a whole. 

Who are the fascists, you ask. The majority appear to be a white male evangelical christian power faction radicalized by DJT and the republicans. This group is backed by an elite group of billionaire republicans who are funding a culture war aimed at the most vulnerable amongst us vilifying the LBQBT+ community, specifically transgender youth, teens, and adults. 

Misogyny and homophobia are at the core of this toxicity. 

My understanding is one of the core beliefs of christianity is free will—the fascists don’t want us to have free will; they want to choose for us and if we don’t comply and conform, we will be dealt with accordingly. What will this be, you ask. Given previous history, it starts with re-education camps and ends with genocide. It appears that some of the followers are already skipping the re-education camps and calling for the deaths of LGQBT+. 

Misogyny and homophobia are destructive and malevolent. They derive from hate, fear, and weakness, which are the antithesis of hope, love, community, and to my understanding everything contrary to Jesus and the christian beliefs and all religious beliefs. As a secular humanist atheist, my core edicts are compassion, empathy, authenticity, and honesty. These edicts are not only for one ethnicity or one sex or one gender—they are for humanity regardless of ideology or religion or political party or country of origin. When I was devising these edicts, I wondered if I should list hope and love along with them, but ultimately decided that they are a part of compassion as a whole. 

Why are you writing all this? When I was young there was one person above all others that taught me compassion. They were pivotal in my growth towards that compassion. I hold them in high esteem and continue to be grateful to them because of this and our time together regardless. This person strayed from that compassion the last time I spoke with them. They were spewing some ugliness and intolerance towards transgenderism and embracing an odious ideology and dictatorial worldview I found unethical, bigoted, and ultimately cruel, harsh, inhuman, spiteful, and merciless. We haven’t spoken for a while. I failed at conveying any bridge toward a more humanistic tolerant worldview. So, I established boundaries for my own well-being and began writing. My message to them and the rest of those who I haven’t spoken with lies in this blog and my words—these words come from a deep love of humanity—all of humanity—that encompasses every human emotion that conclusively emerges with those core edicts. 

I dunno what the future holds. I have an imagination, along with a life’s worth of experience, that conveys a realism that would be described as cynical and pessimistic, and sometimes even nihilistic. Concentrated in every atom of my being regardless are those edicts I hold above all. If compassion, empathy, authenticity, and honesty are not your core edicts, I urge you to reevaluate your life and your philosophy towards humanity—all of humanity. I hope your journey towards wisdom begins with those edicts in mind and I look forward to meeting you there at that center. 

© 2022 Matilda London/Pamela Gay Mullins

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