Book Review: A Matter of Temptation by Stacy Reid

Amazon Kindle Book Review: A Matter of Temptation by Stacy Reid

I know! It’s been a while. I hopped onto Twitter this morning and the place was a mess, raging over someone drinking coffee with their husband, so, I backed away cautiously and decided to write a review and a Pandemic Diary post. I’ll write the review first and who knows if I’ll get around to the diary post. I ask you to read gently as I’ve done very little writing in the last few months and am extremely rusty. 

I finished this book in the early hours of this morning. One scene, in particular, will leave you in tears. You’ll know it when you get to it. Dramatic third acts are butt clenchers and snotters and I thrive on them. 

As Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom says, black women are natural sociologists and Reid is decidedly that. She is a fabulous detailer of social injustice as her books, especially this one, are teeming with some of the best examples of class and gender politics. Those historically tedious and accurate aspects do not overwhelm the romantic fiction of the story—they enhance it tenfold, raising the level of her writing way beyond the stratosphere. She is an exquisite writer with lines and turns of phrases that will make you gasp in pleasure along with the protagonists. She embeds hope in vivid dramatic scenes that challenge your perspective and make your insides sizzle and melt; she creates inspiring memorable characters that ransack your heart and leave you dopey with adoration; all that and more of that positive gooey romance that we delight in, and isn’t that the essence, the very core of romance—hope? That achingly exhaustive emotion that continues to dwell in all our romantic spirits?? The thing that challenges and drives us to carry on? Especially now? Most especially now?

There hasn’t been a Stacy Reid book yet that I haven’t enjoyed and this one is definitely a favorite. What I most admired about this book is the neurodivergence in the protagonist. I’ve read a few of those in the last month or two that I’ve applauded greatly and appreciate as someone who inhabits that realm. There have been very few neurodivergent characters in the historical romance world and this change is much needed. I applaud them and am looking forward to more, especially the quirky women characters—I always love those. 

The only critiques I have are that some of her books have a bit more religion than I prefer and were little light on the erotica—both personal preferences. Other than that—beautiful, emotional, and perfect, and I thank her for writing them and gifting us all with her lovely words. Looking forward to more. 

Some of my favorite lines:

“Should we allow the common man to suffer, in order to be in the favor of others?”

“Honor and goodness have little to do with politics. If those ‘good’ men feel as if their interests, especially their great wealth, are threatened, they will vote against reform.”

“Mina,” he said gruffly. “Come here.”
Her eyes widened and a harsh sob escaped her. “Where?”
“Into my arms.”
There was a little upward tilt of her chin, a slight parting of her lips. “Still?”

“Before I met Miss Crawford, love was simply a word. Now I understand what the word conveys,” he said, his tone low and measured. “Trust. Loyalty. Courage in the face of hardship. Laughter. Admiration. Passion. I do not take the word lightly and never will. I love Miss Crawford, and she will be the only woman I’ll ever love.”

Some of my favorite Stacy Reid books:
My Darling Duke
Her Wicked Marquess
Wicked In His Arms
When the Earl Met His Match

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