Pandemic Diary—Twitter, Mastodon, Voting, etc.

The pandemic is still ongoing—please get boosted and, if necessary, wear a mask; you live in a society filled with individuals and many are still dying of Covid. Care about others as much as you care about yourself and your own family. 

I voted early and got boosted (Covid booster). I voted for all Democrats because Republicans in the United States are fascists. If you think they’re not after the last six years and still continue to vote for them, your shitty choices will have even shittier consequences for an innumerable amount of us—lots vulnerable. If you’re a Christian and think forcing your religion and your dubious morality onto the rest of us—didn’t Christianity coin the concept of free will? I have no clue what’s in the future and hope a democratic egalitarian free society prevails here in the States and not an autocratic theocracy based on white Christian nationalists where book banning, forced pregnancy, voter suppression, and minority rule dictate how everyone live.

I tried to get a flu shot but when I went to Walgreens where they say ‘get a free flu shot’, they told me that I had to have insurance before I got a ‘free flu shot’. Listen, it’s not free if you have to have insurance. The only reason I went to Walgreens was because it was around the corner to where I live and that’s where I got my previous Covid shots. I had heard that Walgreens was allowing their pharmacists and techs to deny customers access to medications that could induce abortions including contraception and had planned to never spend a dime there again. The bogus ‘free flu shot’ gives me even more incentive not to shop there. Everything in that place is outrageously priced. 

I love Twitter. I was on Twitter in the beginning before you could switch user names within your own account. I had to create another account in order to change my user name. I have learned so much from Twitter and hate to see what is happening to it. I may bitch about it but I view Twitter like I view the United States—it has its problem but it is mine and I love it. I have created an account on Mastodon here (UPDATE: I changed servers) but I will not leave Twitter without a fight. I believe TPTB want Twitter to go away because of how we use it—to give voice to the voiceless. Twitter gave us #MeToo and Black Twitter and brought about the civil rights movements of the last decade. It brings culpability to those in power. Yes, it has its problems but so does humanity. To be honest, I’m not interested in the internet-early-days of new open-sourced products where you had to build it yourself until Wall Street threw $$ at it. I’m old & tired & have zero fucks and that’s what Mastadon seems like. I would urge you to pause, take a step back, and not be reactionary—stay and fight. TPTB don’t want freedom of speech because they don’t want their power being questioned and poked at. They want us dumb and obedient. Resist. 

I’m going to start doing book and old movie reviews again. I’ve been working more since something happened at my work where they needed me but will try to pump out several posts a week. I cannot get up early anymore because I need my sleep more than ever for health reasons but will do what I must to create. 

Our water here turns the sinks and bathtubs black. They have permanent rings and we cannot get rid of it. This happens in a matter of days. I have a feeling the reason these places haven’t been gentrified yet is because they are all on nasty well-water and the owners don’t want to spend the money to put in city water lines. It used to be diverse but now there is only one black person here. They’ve run all the BIPOC people off. There’s more I could write but to put it here in writing might instigate actions against us from people that have power over us and my mom loves it here; I don’t want to foment a reaction against us that could cause us to not be living here. 

I will try and post every other day. We’ll see how long that lasts. Until then, vote Democrat like our country and our freedoms depend on it because they do. 

© 2022 Matilda London/Pamela Gay Mullins

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