Dear Diary 20NOV2022

I started this diary entry on the 15th but got pulled away by work before I even wrote a sentence. 

On The West Wing:

I’ll probably do a new thorough review but I heard something on my rewatch of The West Wing this time that I had not previously and I dunno if I wasn’t listening before (which is often the case and why I rewatch shows multiple times because I’m often doing something else when I’m watching them and my mind is elsewhere), or if I simply missed the scene; regardless, it thoroughly pissed me off. I’ll be honest—The West Wing is one of my favorite shows because it made me interested in United States civics and politics. I often yell at my screen when it’s on. For its hypocrisy, for the various forms of its ridiculous neoliberal and neoconservative politics, and especially for its sexism and Islamophobia. I’m far more progressive than the Bartlett administration and Aaron Sorkin, the show’s creator. In any case, it motivated me to do more research and get involved, and yeah, it did teach me, especially about power. In the episode The Two Bartlets, I watched as CJ Craig became that liberal white woman with her white woman feminism that complains about affirmative action and her daddy not getting promoted because ‘an unqualified black woman got promoted before he did’—I hit the roof, reader. The entire episode is one hot mess of racism amongst white liberals and Democrats, and you could say that’s where the episode succeeds in showing that even Democrats contain multitudes of systemic racism. But of course you should know this already. The West Wing is well worth your time if only for the questions and discussions it generates. I would love for someone like Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom to culturally critique it, especially in the post Trump-pandemic era.

On Twitter:

Well, dear reader, I hope this persuades you against conflating intelligence with wealth. Within the last 48 hours, the site has been flooded with bigots and white supremacists at the behest of its CEO man-child, especially since he resurrected certain accounts. I do not like to cede ground to white supremacists and bigots. I will remain to counter the ugliness and disinformation until there is a suitable alternative. 

On Transgender Day of Remembrance: 

Remember and honor our transgender brothers and sisters that have died violently. Promise to do better not only to recognize their humanity but to look within for our own. 

On House Republicans:

Well, y’all have done it now. The fascists are in charge of the House and what are they doing? Not looking for ways to help the poor or fight inflation, high gas prices or climate change or anything really regarding work? No, they are going to investigate Hunter Biden. I say go for it—investigate away but shouldn’t they investigate Jared Kushner too? He did get a $2 billion deal from SA? Regardless, it only makes them look like fools, small, lazy and deflects from their own corruption and crimes not to mention their radicalizing extremism in inciting domestic terrorism as they continue stripping power from the American people. If they think any of us are just gonna stand by and watch them stomp on our freedoms, they obviously haven’t been paying attention. 


The institution is rife with corruption and no longer legitimate. Chief Justice Roberts has prevailed over the dismantling of the rule of law and democracy since he took power and he, Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Coney-Barrett should not be on the court. At all. Congress needs to expand the courts, investigate the judicial branch as a whole, and remove corruption and the members committing such then establish clear ethical rules. I would also suggest putting in place a rotating judicial system so that false actors that try and subvert the law cannot file cases in the judicial districts and with the judges that will rule in their favor because they were either paid off or political accomplices. 

On Menopause:

My advice? Give up beef, sugar, and alcohol. Definitely don’t consume artificial sweeteners in any form. Use honey instead of sugar. If you do eat sugar, eat it sparingly. I have tamed my somewhat bad digestion problems with a tropical smoothie at breakfast—more like brunch—each morning. This is like an elixir and includes pineapple, banana, mango, blueberries, strawberries, coconut, raw ginger, spinach, ½ avocado, honey, turmeric, cinnamon, apple slices, peanut butter, and almond/coconut milk. I drink lots of hot green tea—four cups a day mixed with various other teas including blueberry, pro/prebiotics with oat, cinnamon, and ginger tea, and assorted mint teas. The green tea is non-caffeinated. My caffeine is limited to ¾ cup of strong coffee with caramel almond creamer. When I sweat a lot, I drink coconut water because I get headaches more than I did when I was younger if I only drink water. I don’t drink sodas at all and haven’t for almost two decades. My family has a history of bad teeth. I was also traumatized by my dad and mamaw taking out their false teeth and shaking them at me when I was a kid so drinking pure sugar water that rots my teeth is something along the lines of smoking cigarettes. For dinners—fish, chicken, veggies, and soups are becoming a big part of my diet. My favorite lately is tortilla soup and even though I stay away from dairy, I sprinkle some cheese on top of it. I started to make my own tortilla chips for the topping—it is an art and more difficult than I thought it would be. Also? Your skin and hair become much drier the year following your period ending so you’ll need lots of moisturizers. A cool mist humidifier is a must. I’ll continue to keep you updated. 

On nail polish and art:

One of my joys this past year and something that has given me a modicum of peace besides reading romance novels? Nail polish and nail art. Seriously. I rarely focused on my nails when I was younger but once I hit fifty and they went to shit, I decided to start playing. I love the colors and am addicted to watching all the artists on Instagram. My favorite brand is Orly and even though their website is not the greatest, the handle, brush, and formula—both the lacquer and the breathable formulas—are fantastic. I also like ILNP. Some of my favorite Orly colors: Infinite Allure, Clover and Over, You Had Me At Hydrangea, and anything gray, orange, blue, and green. I love Color Pass and have never been disappointed with a collection yet. In the Spirit Breathable collection is so beautiful and Kelli Marissa’s Witching Hour is so much fun. For stamping plates and polish, MoYou London and Maniology

Stay safe and healthy. 

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