Poetry: 45 –> 46 = Democracy

Day and Dawnthe time is hereBegone, go away, bye-bye,please disappear Cages and liespromoted by hatewhen it came to powerlike greed—a refusal to abdicate Neglect and diminishthe toll they wroughtwe never endorsedto take away our shot Tropes and traditionshopes and truthswe live in those momentsthat’s never, ever been smooth We plan, we play,we love and hatebutContinue reading “Poetry: 45 –> 46 = Democracy”


Online Exclusive Serial Novella Series Niko is a mushroom popping, universe jumping, future scientist with an attitude problem. Jay is her cyborg—kind of. Follow their travails. Part of The Mirror Series. Trigger Warning—Rating Mature: Yes. Serial Fiction Intro – Potent and Worn Chapter One – New Moon on Monday Chapter Two – Back in BlackContinue reading “Recalibrate”

Poetry: Riled and Ravaged

wilt and ooze, the sore it seepsthey abandon the masses and slaughter us like sheeps rank the rot and deem them fraudsunveil the famine, expose the facades amass the ailing, expel the bloatedfoster the hope and revive the corroded bestow the cash and champion the aidauthorize the payments, reward the unpaid shelter the powerless, protectContinue reading “Poetry: Riled and Ravaged”

Poetry: unbare of thee

whispers whence the needs to beshallow hearts heed not want—unbare of theewhy no more, no less those thoughts unshownwhen tempt with fray and fates overthrown thy cruel contempt and faults well-knownvalidate the truths and lore and lights disownedfervor and flame and fancy beholdsan endless night of hunger—an ache unfolds squander the hope and lead theContinue reading “Poetry: unbare of thee”