Poetry: Betrayal

Bask in the shadow of your guiltWeep in the evil of your actionsThe duplicitousness of your friendshipis indeed a heinous infraction. The manipulation you have broughtwill bring forth your undoYour meddling and dishonestyno one misconstrued Unrefined unkempt witch you areWill rue your deviousness in timeFor the he that you have takenis a perfidious partner inContinue reading “Poetry: Betrayal”

Poetry: Deviousness

I was warned but I did not heedThe deviousness and treachery and bite of theeYou struck when I wasn’t observingAnd smirked in delightful glee The cackle and shrill of your laughterFearfully haunts me to this dayThe look in your eyes soon afterWas the source of my disarrays Inevitably and unfortunately you appeared againMore malicious injuryContinue reading “Poetry: Deviousness”

Poetry: Justice Seeks

justice seeks the higher reachdamage undone and ethics teachvoices amassed, silence begonewhen the blanket of truths becomes unknown concessions are given by the guilty and the privilegedin order to doom, withhold and to pillagefairness dwindles and abuse arrivesmoral decay and liberty declines religious fanaticism and moral corruptiongo hand and hand towards egalitarian obstructionprejudice tilts theContinue reading “Poetry: Justice Seeks”

Poetry: 2020

dappled grays and shades ablazepeppered petals of red overlayedwounded warriors fenced in blooddire days that glory in no-good collapse thine heart, ream thy brainshallow haunt, hate—a stainslay and sparing, I weap, I warnFrail and fraught and base inborn lack of means and weight of duethey come undone and forced anewheft that burden, thy dream tisContinue reading “Poetry: 2020”

Poetry: Alone

Have you ever really been alone?Have you ever really known?What it feels like to be?In total solitude, alone and free?Not having anyone but you?Not even a very few?A family that’s not to beHaving a close and comforting history Growing up I always knewI would only be happy less or equal twoEnjoying the silence more thanContinue reading “Poetry: Alone”