Poetry: A Quiet Retreat

A silent and peaceful strollAscending a soft and grassy knollTowards a large modern country homeStanding determinedly all alone A refreshingly cool summer breezeFeeling comfortable and so full of easeA garden filled with flowersA low setting sun in the deep afternoon hours Surrounded by large magnificent treesA hammock secluded from too many eyes that seesA freshContinue reading “Poetry: A Quiet Retreat”

Poetry: A Letter…Maybe

What has life given to me?A severe case of curiosityWhat must I do to fill this need?I must write and take pictures of every weedCan I sustain this creative flow?I know I must in order to growWhat if I continue to SUCK and never get better?Then I’ll go back to the beginning and start withContinue reading “Poetry: A Letter…Maybe”

Poetry: Fate

To each mine eyesThe sensation liesAs time draws nearLoathe to appear For want does theeAmongst the freeAnd fate does showFor which to know What may be shownFor fear aloneEach we braveThe love to crave For what is notIs but an afterthoughtAnd for want of fewOne must never undo. By Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Pamela Mullins.Continue reading “Poetry: Fate”