The Female of the Species Series

Online Exclusive Serial Novella Series Meet Layne Gregory and Lucretia Summers. Lucretia is a successful business woman and Layne, her personal assistant. They like to cause trouble—the good kinda trouble. With fascism on the rise, they insinuate themselves inside the open cracks to cause some chaos. Anarchists of the unusual sort, they plan to haveContinue reading “The Female of the Species Series”

Poetry: Solo In Need

A tug of warA constant doubtIs less more?Isn’t that what it’s all about? Alone in a cornerHungry and coldA wish to be warmerFor someone to hold Happiness to craveA want to beA bit more braveAnd not in captivity Success a thoughtUntil then to liveConstantly foughtHungrily competitive. By Alex Shea/Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2003 Alex Shea/Pamela Mullins.Continue reading “Poetry: Solo In Need”

Poetry: A Monster In Darkness

a monster in darknessunashamed in lightsimmered and lingeredunapologetic in fight endured and survivedsuffering untreatedangry and lostan exception undefeated whispered and witheredtaming the wildnessgraced by devotionbrooding in blindness a love exposedan emotion rarea soul ravagedcourage stripped bare rising thru the ashespenetrating the throesascending thru shadowsbenign hope arose By Alex Shea/Pamela MullinsCopyright © 2013 Alex Shea/Pamela Mullins.Continue reading “Poetry: A Monster In Darkness”