She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Eight – Caramel Apple

Chapter Eight Porcia Catonis—philosopher and notably known, as historical texts customarily stated unenthusiastically, as a political pawn of men during the Roman era—reportedly committed suicide by swallowing hot coals once she learned of her husband’s death. Historians—mostly men, of course—found that implausible probably believing women could never do something as abhorrent and painful, so unmaternal-like,Continue reading “She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Eight – Caramel Apple”

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Five – Tea

Chapter Five Brody normally found these gatherings unremarkable and unpleasant—an aristocratic menagerie peddled and worn like loose change. Like most of these affairs, people paraded around masquerading in their pretense outwardly dim and stunted. Some even overtly flaunting it like an adjudication. This circle was an overwrought node—everyone infected. He learned long ago to viewContinue reading “She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Five – Tea”