Dear Diary 20NOV2022

I started this diary entry on the 15th but got pulled away by work before I even wrote a sentence.  On The West Wing: I’ll probably do a new thorough review but I heard something on my rewatch of The West Wing this time that I had not previously and I dunno if I wasn’tContinue reading “Dear Diary 20NOV2022”

Dear Diary 13NOV2022

On the Pandemic and These Posts The pandemic is not over but I’m changing these diary post headers to ‘Dear Diary’ and the date. About the pandemic—please wear a mask and get boosted. We live in a society with other people and lots are vulnerable to your cooties.  On Twitter I love Twitter. I’ve learnedContinue reading “Dear Diary 13NOV2022”

Pandemic Diary—On Things

On the pandemic: The pandemic is ongoing. Please take precautions. Apparently, monkeypox and polio are now health emergencies—thank you, anti-vaxxers; your compassion and dedication to society are unequaled. Wear your mask, please, and continue to be fastidious about cleanliness. Why? Because you live in a society with other people. It is likely we will feelContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—On Things”

Pandemic Diary—Fascism

While I’m writing my next couple of chapters, I’ll drop a few lines about the current state of things.  Fascism is in complete auto-mode currently given what is happening culturally and politically. The fascists have forsaken their humanity for power to inflict their amoral dogmas onto the public as a whole.  Who are the fascists,Continue reading “Pandemic Diary—Fascism”

Pandemic Diary—Messiness

What does messiness mean to you?  Are you literal where the first thing you think of is the physical messiness of your person and surroundings, like thick layers of dust or walking through the house with your shoes on or dirty clothes and unwashed hands?  Or is it more figurative where you imagine chaotic relationshipsContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Messiness”