Pandemic Diary—Messiness

What does messiness mean to you?  Are you literal where the first thing you think of is the physical messiness of your person and surroundings, like thick layers of dust or walking through the house with your shoes on or dirty clothes and unwashed hands?  Or is it more figurative where you imagine chaotic relationshipsContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Messiness”

Pandemic Diary—Book Banning

Please pay attention to what is happening in the news and in politics locally, nationally, and internationally. It is so very important that you get involved and stay involved. Here’s another piece from The Washington Post. School book bans are soaring: Although the vast majority of challenges go unreported, the American Library Association’s Office forContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Book Banning”

Pandemic Diary—Shame (update)

ADDENDUM—Here (below) is my short review of Bridgerton Season two (longer review here): The Ezra Klein podcast has several great shows on Ukraine, Russia, and Putin that are a wealth of information—Fareed Zakaria, Fiona Hill, Masha Gessen, Timothy Snyder, Emma Ashford, and the latest one is Daniel Yergen, which I haven’t made my way throughContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Shame (update)”

Misc Book Reviews

A repost in case you missed it ↓ Romance Authors that I’ve found and favorited over the last several months: Joanna Shupe, Leigh Bardugo, Tessa Dare, Jennifer Ashley, Courtney Milan, Amalie Howard, Eloisa James, Lisa Kleypas, Loretta Chase, and Mary Balogh.  Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone Trilogy (YA and not romance but it very wellContinue reading “Misc Book Reviews”

Pandemic Diary – Me No Pause, Some Book Reviews, Capitalism, Supplements, Please Buy Me a Computer

My last two posts are the result of a brain riddled with stress through the fog of menopause, and today’s life of pandemic, war, poverty, inequality, fascism, book banning; legislative cruelty, oppression, and bigotry; stupid politicians; greedy corporations price gouging everyone and everything; rich assholes lecturing us poors about our work habits because they needContinue reading “Pandemic Diary – Me No Pause, Some Book Reviews, Capitalism, Supplements, Please Buy Me a Computer”