Pandemic Diary-Questions

Someone mentioned on Twitter that wielding the “I’m just asking questions” trope can be problematic—if you have a large and powerful platform and weaponize that phrase to spread misinformation or do harm, that is a logical conclusion and that has happened several times these past few years. I also believe the legal parlance intent canContinue reading “Pandemic Diary-Questions”

Pandemic 2022 Continues

People are aggravating the hell out of me so I’m avoiding spending long hours on Twitter. Also, the new conservative fascist overlords have tweaked their algorithm and I feel like I’m not learning as much, which is the entire point of my being on that app. I also had something strange happen—Twitter indicated that IContinue reading “Pandemic 2022 Continues”

2021 Favorite Podcasts

My favorite podcasts with a brief review listed below: Hear to Slay—My absolute favorite podcast ever. This lives on Luminary and as of this publishing date has 91 episodes hosted by the fabulously brilliant Dr. Roxane Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan-Cottom. There is an annual subscription of $35 plus tax and worth every cent. TheContinue reading “2021 Favorite Podcasts”