Poetry: Sadness

My mind is open to sadnessFor past and future eventsThe reality is likely to cause madnessTo which I will not present To each I cannot controlThe means to be seen in such a negative lightThat hurts and destroys my soulAnd ceases me to be forthright For those that struggle like meWhose heart thirsts for loveContinue reading “Poetry: Sadness”

Poetry: Tired

I’m tired of living for othersI’m tired of standing aloneI’m tired of going through yet anotherI’m tired of trying to atone I’m tired of not having controlI’m tired of being discouragedI’m tired of giving heart and soulI’m tired of inadequate courage I’m annoyed by misinterpretationsI’m fatigued from the mental distressI’m pooped from the bad situationsI’mContinue reading “Poetry: Tired”