Pandemic Diary—On Things

On the pandemic: The pandemic is ongoing. Please take precautions. Apparently, monkeypox and polio are now health emergencies—thank you, anti-vaxxers; your compassion and dedication to society are unequaled. Wear your mask, please, and continue to be fastidious about cleanliness. Why? Because you live in a society with other people. It is likely we will feelContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—On Things”

Pandemic Diary—Fascism

While I’m writing my next couple of chapters, I’ll drop a few lines about the current state of things.  Fascism is in complete auto-mode currently given what is happening culturally and politically. The fascists have forsaken their humanity for power to inflict their amoral dogmas onto the public as a whole.  Who are the fascists,Continue reading “Pandemic Diary—Fascism”

The Mirror of Me

Online Serial Novel Exclusive Past, present, and future intersect to synthesize an elaborate future civilization. Peyton—pulled from a past and a collapsing society into a Utopian future that appears ideal on the surface—relives all times concurrently; her past exploited for education and entertainment purposes; her present weaponized as a catalyst for change; her future unknown.Continue reading “The Mirror of Me”