2021 Favorite Podcasts

My favorite podcasts with a brief review listed below: Hear to Slay—My absolute favorite podcast ever. This lives on Luminary and as of this publishing date has 91 episodes hosted by the fabulously brilliant Dr. Roxane Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan-Cottom. There is an annual subscription of $35 plus tax and worth every cent. TheContinue reading “2021 Favorite Podcasts”

2021 Questions

I have many questions—I’ve always had many, many questions, even as a kid. Where I lived, in that culture, adults didn’t cater to the whims of children and their pestering questions, and certainly not the girl children. Our narrow and insufficient education evidenced as much time and time again—then and today. Shamefully neglectful and oppressiveContinue reading “2021 Questions”

Pandemic Diary 2021

In response to a Book Riot and Out of the Box essay on documenting the personal experiences of the pandemic, this timeline will also be in correlation to the new Biden-Harris administration and the continued malfeasance and autocratic menace of the Trump-Republican fascists. Any and all essays on the subjects will be posted here asContinue reading “Pandemic Diary 2021”