Pandemic Diary—Fascism

While I’m writing my next couple of chapters, I’ll drop a few lines about the current state of things.  Fascism is in complete auto-mode currently given what is happening culturally and politically. The fascists have forsaken their humanity for power to inflict their amoral dogmas onto the public as a whole.  Who are the fascists,Continue reading “Pandemic Diary—Fascism”

The Mirror of Me

Online Serial Novel Exclusive Past, present, and future intersect to synthesize an elaborate future civilization. Peyton—pulled from a past and a collapsing society into a Utopian future that appears ideal on the surface—relives all times concurrently; her past exploited for education and entertainment purposes; her present weaponized as a catalyst for change; her future unknown.Continue reading “The Mirror of Me”

Pandemic Diary—Messiness

What does messiness mean to you?  Are you literal where the first thing you think of is the physical messiness of your person and surroundings, like thick layers of dust or walking through the house with your shoes on or dirty clothes and unwashed hands?  Or is it more figurative where you imagine chaotic relationshipsContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Messiness”