Pandemic Diary—NY Times, Sweating, Women Leaders, Christian Revisionism, Menopause

On the NY Times: I think I’m already done with that NY Times subscription. They keep sliding to and appeasing the far right socially and fiscally under the guise of the middleground, a faux liberalism, and free press. It reeks of bias and pandering to certain imperious and arbitrary powers instead of the facts andContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—NY Times, Sweating, Women Leaders, Christian Revisionism, Menopause”

Pandemic Diary—Listening, Triggers, Heavy Metal Music, Indoctrination

On listening: Someone I highly admire recommended a podcast they were on—I listened and wish I had that hour back. The host kept interrupting and using the dreaded ‘I’ this and ‘I’ that—yes, narcissism, what a shock for a podcaster←irony. The connection was bad and you couldn’t hear or understand what the guest was sayingContinue reading “Pandemic Diary—Listening, Triggers, Heavy Metal Music, Indoctrination”

Dear Diary 20NOV2022

I started this diary entry on the 15th but got pulled away by work before I even wrote a sentence.  On The West Wing: I’ll probably do a new thorough review but I heard something on my rewatch of The West Wing this time that I had not previously and I dunno if I wasn’tContinue reading “Dear Diary 20NOV2022”