The Female of the Species

Serial Novella Exclusive

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter Two – Siren

Chapter Two “I know who you are. I know what you do.” Her eyes—hidden behind mirrored sunglasses—featured him prominently. He removed his hoping she would do the same. She did not. He wanted to see those eyes. An emotion tickled her lips taunting him. She sat there, saying nothing, staring at him. After a lengthy minute, she spoke. “Catherine the Great told her advisers that she needed energetic young men in the imperial bed for the good of her health […]

She-Bear Thus Accosted – Chapter One – Cotton Candy

Chapter One She tasted him falling in love with her—felt it on her lips like blood. It was hot in the air—like coffee at a coffee shop, sea-salt on the wind, cotton candy at a carnival. She smelled his want and tasted his need in her bones. Through every nerve ending, shattered and uninterrupted, shards marched like soldiers towards her heart, like butterflies fluttering on the flurry of all those feelings—of a sense—of all senses. Layne could feel it in […]