The Female of the Species Series

Online Exclusive Serial Novella Series

Meet Layne Gregory and Lucretia Summers. Lucretia is a successful business woman and Layne, her personal assistant. They like to cause trouble—the good kinda trouble. With fascism on the rise, they insinuate themselves inside the open cracks to cause some chaos. Anarchists of the unusual sort, they plan to have fun while the world burns, even if along the way it means hanging out with the corrupt imbecilic buffoonish adversary and his enabling bootlicking minions that they so loathe. Enter the Blakes—Brody, the pretty boy Fed, and Broderick, his billionaire daddy; are they allies or marks? Along with Lucretia’s newly hired bodyguard, who, it seems, she cannot keep her hands off of, the two women navigate the ever-changing lines in the sand with no plan and lots of heart.

Trigger Warning—Rating Mature: Yes.

She-Bear Thus Accosted—Part One

She-Mate Thus Plotted—Part Two → Coming Soon

© 2020-2021 Alex Shea/Pamela Gay Mullins

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